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Display Post Estimated Reading Time and Word Count

Some people (including me) appreciate a little heads up on the length of a blog post or, more importantly, how much time is it going to take to read. A great way to do this is to display an estimated reading time and/or word count at the top of your blog posts. You see this feature on popular blogs like It doesn’t have to be intrusive or distract the user from engaging with the content. But it can add a nice UX boost for those who spend a lot of time devouring content on the web.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you a quick and easy way to add an estimated reading time and word count to your Divi blog posts. The readingTime.js library we are going to use is simple, lightweight, and easy to implement on your Divi site. Plus you can have more control over the style and placement of the reading time and word count placement. All this without having to rely on another plugin!

We’ll be adding the estimated reading time and word count to a blog post template using the Divi Theme Builder. So, once it is added to the template, the reading time and word count will display nicely on all your posts throughout your site.

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