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Divi Areas Pro – $33

Unleash the true power of Divi

Created by, the company behind the free plugin Popups for Divi – which has more than 20.000+ active installations, and is possibly the most popular Divi Extension.

This premium plugin is much more than just a premium version of Popups for Divi. It’s a new way to design websites.

Create interactive content

Go beyond sections and rows. With Popups, Tooltips, Fly-ins, and dynamic Inline Areas you can create truly interactive content, as never before!

Conditional Content

Whether you want to display a Popup on certain pages or show a contact form only to logged-in users: Display Conditions are part of every Divi Area.

Custom Triggers

Fine-tune the trigger of every Area: Show it after a few seconds, when scrolling down, on exit-intent or when hovering a certain element, or even create complete custom triggers in JavaScript. It’s your choice.

Win an iMac

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