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Divi Mobile – $84

Create beautiful Divi mobile menus.

Improve your website’s user experience by making your Divi mobile menu stand out.

Endless Menu Possibilities

Divi Mobile plugin allows you to create custom looking, beautiful mobile menus for your Divi site without having to write any code. All our settings are in the theme customizer which allows for a live preview of the mobile nav menu. We have different menus, hamburger icons and sub-menus styles in which you can mix and match to create something unique for each site.

Divi Mobile

Inject Divi Layouts

With the ability to create layouts in the Divi Library and then inject them into the menu, you can truly take the customization to the next level. If you want your logo at the top or a subscribe box at the bottom for example, simply create this in the Divi library and then inject it into your menu.

Built with the user in mind

All our mobile menu styles are carefully thought out and developed to be slick, clean and user-friendly. Speed is something we care about so only the code you need is loaded – we do not have a bloated CSS file for example. The code is generated as per your selections and minified for optimised speed.

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